Sunday, December 03, 2006

Whew! Whirlwind tour of NYC

Ok ... so I am finally feeling human again. I went to the Rachael Ray show in NYC on Thursday with my mother-in-law. We stayed overnight at a great hotel and walked our rear ends off. We were at the show for over 5 hours - they taped 2 shows. We had a great time and got great gifts! We saw the beautiful Macy's Christmas windows ... it was 60 degrees and great weather to walk around.

We stopped at the Palisades Center Mall in Nyack on the way back. It is 4 stories of HUGE stores - every one you could think of - we had lunch at Chevy's - a great Mexican restaurant.

I got cut from work yesterday - got to take a nap and relax. I have 5 tests and 3 assignments left in the next too weeks of the semester. I am so ready for the 3 weeks off!