Sunday, June 03, 2007

Drumroll Please

Ok ... so the big question is ... "Now that you've graduated and passed the NCLEX - what are you going to do?"

Well ... I have been deliberately NOT blogging because I had news, but couldn't share it until now. I have accepted my dream job. I wrote earlier in the year about going for an interview at a birth center (LDR) in a large medical center. I was told politely that they didn't hire GNs and there were no open positions... and then I got a call! I was offered and accepted a job and start there in two weeks.

I couldn't say anything until I had worked today - this 3-11 shift I just came home from because my husband is self-employed and I have to bring home the insurance. I could not chance it ...

I am so excited, but also a little sad. I love the little hospital I work at and the people I work with... I think we make a great team. Like all good places to work, sometimes management is crazy - but that is easy to come by ...

Anyhow ... I will be back blogging :) Now that I don't have to shut my trap!

Thanks for hanging in there if you are actually reading this :)

PS - Also my BSN classes start tomorrow :) Wuhoooo - am I nuts or what?