Thursday, July 12, 2007

L & D ... Makes me Happy!

Here's a happy picture of my 3 year old soccer beauties :)

Ok ... so it's been awhile. I am exhausted, but happy as a pig in manure! This is my third week in the birth center and it is wonderful! Now, don't get me wrong ... I have seen some scary things, and been a part of many happy and one very sad events. But my nursing life is fulfilled! Guess what? I can do this! I now start IVs - who me? :) unhuh ... I also really like most of the people I am working with .... I feel so lucky!

Today I got to be a part of two births. One BEAUTIFUL natural, unmedicated water birth of a 9 lb baby ... WOW! The second I was baby nurse for a repeat section of a 9#6oz baby. Two gorgeous happy events ... one at each spectrum of the labor and delivery experience.

I'll be back more now ... that I can breathe :) The reading from the first two weeks was intense - but I got through it and NRP :)

Hope everyone else out there is well ...