Sunday, December 03, 2006

Whew! Whirlwind tour of NYC

Ok ... so I am finally feeling human again. I went to the Rachael Ray show in NYC on Thursday with my mother-in-law. We stayed overnight at a great hotel and walked our rear ends off. We were at the show for over 5 hours - they taped 2 shows. We had a great time and got great gifts! We saw the beautiful Macy's Christmas windows ... it was 60 degrees and great weather to walk around.

We stopped at the Palisades Center Mall in Nyack on the way back. It is 4 stories of HUGE stores - every one you could think of - we had lunch at Chevy's - a great Mexican restaurant.

I got cut from work yesterday - got to take a nap and relax. I have 5 tests and 3 assignments left in the next too weeks of the semester. I am so ready for the 3 weeks off!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

How cool is that?

Okay ... so tomorrow morning I will be on my way to NYC to see the Rachael Ray show! I will post details when I get home ...

Today was okay ... got paper back and did well, presentation went as well as can be expected - only 3 tests between me and the holiday break! Wuhooo!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Okay ... better I guess

Okay ... so my presentation is finished; my CBE class is over and went well; my car appointment is set for 8am; the car is acting fine now (figures!).

I am heading to watch the TIVO'd news and go get some serious sleep!

Katie has a runny nose and cough ... so I think she'll join us in bed at some point. Gotta sleep fast!

Day from Heck

Ok ... so something was off in my universe yesterday! It was our instructor's birthday over the weekend and my carpooling friend and I decided it would be wise to remember and bake. I got to her house with the cupcakes and when I got in her car she asked where my "clinical bag" was ... un ... huh? ... oh ... whoops! I had managed to get into the correct uniform (except I was wearing my work shoes not my school shoes - but no biggie) but forgot any other thing. Think drug book, stethoscope, scissors, kellys, pen, pocket pal with door codes, etc, hmmmmm ... guess I am still tired from the trip!

We got to clinical and I went to the bathroom and began laughing - I had just pulled a pair of undies out that were white that morning not noticing that they were MATERNITY underwear. This is additionally funny because I am doing my maternity rotation right now. It was not funny because I now had underpants up to my armpits - think how big twin maternity underpants get ;o)

Ok ... uneventful night on the floor. Nice patient, good co-assigned, no biggie. Get back to her house and start to go home and my engine light goes on ... argh!

Presentation tomorrow - not done :(
Teaching tonight CBE - not ready :(
Sociology or Micro posting for online classes - not done :(
Taking car in for repair before school starts tomorrow - :( What's this gonna do to my overstretched budget!

Anyone else having a heck of a week?

Monday, November 27, 2006

There's no place like home ...

Okay ... so I am back from traveling. As a side note ... 7 hours with 33 month old twins = 10 hours :) Why don't they make a car seat with a potty insert. Can't they just sit on the potty all the way there? (For you literalists; I am just kidding!) Good visit, good drive ... so tired :)

Have clinical today (maternity). Gotta go go go!

Have a great week!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Trails ...

Ok ... so maybe posting every day through the end of the year was a lofty goal :-)
I guess I didn't remember that I would be traveling over Thanksgiving weekend. We are driving to Delaware to visit with family - there should be about 25 people around the table for a meal on Saturday. I love to go, but I get really bitchy getting ready to go. I hate to pack and decide what to take :) I wish everyone would come here one year - except that I would be bitchy while I was getting the house ready ... so it's a no win situation for my poor husband :)

I didn't even have time to watch my TV today :) I am seeing a hypnotherapist and had a session today that lasted almost 2 hours. She is amazingly down to earth and easy to talk to ... and I am enjoying the journey.

I am going to try and log in while away, but that might be ambitious :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

World's gone crazy!

Okay ... so Mel Gibson is anti-semetic - after that movie some people thought that wasn't even a big stretch. He was drunk and off to rehab he goes ... is there any fallout?

Michael Richards (Kramer from Seinfeld) lost his mind recently! He started yelling at some black hecklers ugly racial remarks and then kept repeating a racial epithet (N-word) over and over ... He "apoligized" on Dave Letterman ... but no drinking, no rehab ... the "hate" lives in me somewhere. Huh? They were talking about this on The View today (okay ... I am outed - I shamelessly TIVO daytime talk shows!). Joy Behar had a great point! She says that Mel Gibson's power makes his views more dangerous than Richard's. In my sociology class I have been learning about the -isms (racism, sexism, classism, etc.) and how that power and privilege piece is actually VERY important in changing the society's constructs and moving the country forward. Interesting that we are having a "rash" of these incidents lately ... what stereotypes do you hold?

As that relates to nursing ... I just submited a paper on Anti-Fat bias in healthcare. I was AMAZED at the research available in how nurses and other health professionals treat large patients differently that other patients - the thing that kept coming through in all the research is the personal beliefs behind the behaviors. Equal access to healthcare is hard to achieve. Open-mindedness is even harder.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday, Monday ...

Well, I had the evaluation at the hospital which was kind of anti-climactic and took about 10 minutes. It was good though - so that's something. And we talked about transition to the RN role ... which I like to think about happening. It makes the tired from work/school/home/parenting seem worthwhile!

I digitally dropped my paper so that is done - whew! And the only responsibility I have until next Monday is to teach CBE tomorrow night and work on a 5 minute presentation for transitions/trends class. (anyone who knows me KNOWS I can talk for 5 minutes about anything!)

We are traveling for Thanksgiving, so tomorrow I start the laundry, packing and cleaning phase of my week :) I don't work again until 12/2. In the meantime I am getting VERY excited about my trip to NYC to see the new Rachael Ray talk show! I finally got tickets and made the hotel reservations. I am psyched! I don't know when the taped show will air ... but I am excited to see her cook in person! I have shared the nursing, life, and twins part of me already ... the cooking part of the blog is my addiction to Food Network and Foodie Blogs of all kinds :) I cook to relax and as you can see by my schedule I need to relax A LOT! I also found after gastric bypass that I love the flavor of food more than the quantity - this makes cooking as a hobby good for me :)

I will write more about my NYC adventure and our travels to Delaware.

:) Linda


Okay ... so I am home from work at the hospital. An early night tonight ;)

I am really excited as this is a whole week off from school! My online Micro class is also on a week hiatus so I am psyched! Our family is traveling out of town to Delaware over the long holiday weekend to see my family. Ever spent 8 hours in a car with 2 three-year-olds? :) It is very fun! Thank goodness for portable DVD players.

I have my first evaluation after my orientation period tomorrow afternoon at the hospital. I feel like I am doing pretty good - learning something new every shift but keeping up with what I know. I am curious to see if management agrees :)

I also am certified to teach childbirth education and I am currently teaching a 6+1 series on Tuesday nights at the hospital. I love doing this ... it is such a wonderful time for the people in the class. I love being in on such a good thing vicariously :)

I am tired for tonight :) Thanks John for the shout out :) I have been lurking for a long time and it feels good to just be writing it down. We have something else in common. I had gastric bypass on 4/3/01 at a top weight of 453#. I am struggling with my weight right now - trying to up my exercise. I would not recommend having twins after a gastric bypass :) All kinds of things get stretched out of shape. My husband and I are trying to decide on any more kids ... if that answer is no I am going to look into a tummy tuck ...

Paper due tomorrow ... not done :( Have to digitally drop it by midnight tomorrow. Ugh!

Sunday, November 19, 2006


I worked at the hospital tonight ... didn't leave until midnight. Work was good though ... not too hectic, but definitely not boring either.

Buckeyes won ... husband is happy.

Will update tomorrow.

Friday, November 17, 2006

What am I doing?

I have been attempting to do this since April 2005. I have deleted all my old posts and I am starting over :) A clean slate ... I like the idea of writing it down. It helps me sort things out and keep moving forward. I have been reading several nursing blogs and thanks to DisappearingJohn RN - here I go again!

I am a LPN at a local hospital working on a med-surg floor. I am in the process of finishing my ADN - I'll graduate and sit for my RN NCLEX in May. I am not sure what I will be doing once I have the freedom to do many more things. I do know that I am continuing on to a ADN-MSN bridge program next fall - mostly because I am a glutten for punishment :) AND want even more options in the long run.

I am a loving wife and mom of twin girls who will be three in Feb 2007. We run a tight ship ... but we have a lot of fun. It is a big adventure :)

More tomorrow ... I am going to try and post something every day until the end of the year.

Thanks John for the motivation; I've enjoyed your journey.