Sunday, June 03, 2007

Drumroll Please

Ok ... so the big question is ... "Now that you've graduated and passed the NCLEX - what are you going to do?"

Well ... I have been deliberately NOT blogging because I had news, but couldn't share it until now. I have accepted my dream job. I wrote earlier in the year about going for an interview at a birth center (LDR) in a large medical center. I was told politely that they didn't hire GNs and there were no open positions... and then I got a call! I was offered and accepted a job and start there in two weeks.

I couldn't say anything until I had worked today - this 3-11 shift I just came home from because my husband is self-employed and I have to bring home the insurance. I could not chance it ...

I am so excited, but also a little sad. I love the little hospital I work at and the people I work with... I think we make a great team. Like all good places to work, sometimes management is crazy - but that is easy to come by ...

Anyhow ... I will be back blogging :) Now that I don't have to shut my trap!

Thanks for hanging in there if you are actually reading this :)

PS - Also my BSN classes start tomorrow :) Wuhoooo - am I nuts or what?


gmcountrymama said...

I should have never asked. Now I am bawlling!
Of course I am really happy for you. I will miss you and your sense of humor at work. You better keep up on your blogging.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hi, this is the short blond girl who just had a baby (do you know?). gmcountrymama, got me updated with you. congrats. what bsn program? i really need to get started. you are a wonderful person, i am glad about your move. our loss though.

TwinMamaLinda said...

Hi Amber!
Of course I remember you :) How is the little guy? Must be getting BIG! I went through the admission process with UVM and was admitted. I took an assessment class this month but they are giving me the run around about completion. They have a new Masters Entry Program (if you have another bachelors you can just get a MSN and sit for the RN NCLEX) So they are cutting back on the number of classes offered.

SOOOO ... I've applied and received conditional acceptance at Drexel University - their completion is online (COMPLETELY) and seems fabulous. I have had several people who've done the program endorse it whole-heartedly.

I just finished central nursing orientation - a week intensive wth 35 other nurses going all over the hospital and start on the floor orienting on Monday :) I am really excited.

drop me an email sometime ... Take Care!

am1478 said...

so, how do i get your comments without looking at your site? i want to start my masters!!!! i am jealous. i need to apply but financially it is a problem. i do have my ba. so i am thinking about applying at porter's ob. i am just not happy at present except for the people i work with. alden is great. he is 6mths old, happy, healthy, and full of curiousity. oh, i am in trouble!!! with him!!! i hate i won't get the opportunity to work with you and sarah. do you speak with her much? please keep in touch and offer advice. i will try to figure out how to join this blog. if you have any suggestions with school, etc., let me know. take care. amber

TwinMamaLinda said...

Hey Amber ... email me and we can "talk" off the blog site :) I tried to email you but you didn't have the button on your blog profile :) for starters :)
Talked to Sarah last night - she is good and still unsure of what she is doing.
Take care ...

Anonymous said...

Kudos! Very informative article, keep up the good work!
This blog will be one of the many that I visit everyday.

Best of luck,