Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday, Monday ...

Well, I had the evaluation at the hospital which was kind of anti-climactic and took about 10 minutes. It was good though - so that's something. And we talked about transition to the RN role ... which I like to think about happening. It makes the tired from work/school/home/parenting seem worthwhile!

I digitally dropped my paper so that is done - whew! And the only responsibility I have until next Monday is to teach CBE tomorrow night and work on a 5 minute presentation for transitions/trends class. (anyone who knows me KNOWS I can talk for 5 minutes about anything!)

We are traveling for Thanksgiving, so tomorrow I start the laundry, packing and cleaning phase of my week :) I don't work again until 12/2. In the meantime I am getting VERY excited about my trip to NYC to see the new Rachael Ray talk show! I finally got tickets and made the hotel reservations. I am psyched! I don't know when the taped show will air ... but I am excited to see her cook in person! I have shared the nursing, life, and twins part of me already ... the cooking part of the blog is my addiction to Food Network and Foodie Blogs of all kinds :) I cook to relax and as you can see by my schedule I need to relax A LOT! I also found after gastric bypass that I love the flavor of food more than the quantity - this makes cooking as a hobby good for me :)

I will write more about my NYC adventure and our travels to Delaware.

:) Linda

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