Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Trails ...

Ok ... so maybe posting every day through the end of the year was a lofty goal :-)
I guess I didn't remember that I would be traveling over Thanksgiving weekend. We are driving to Delaware to visit with family - there should be about 25 people around the table for a meal on Saturday. I love to go, but I get really bitchy getting ready to go. I hate to pack and decide what to take :) I wish everyone would come here one year - except that I would be bitchy while I was getting the house ready ... so it's a no win situation for my poor husband :)

I didn't even have time to watch my TV today :) I am seeing a hypnotherapist and had a session today that lasted almost 2 hours. She is amazingly down to earth and easy to talk to ... and I am enjoying the journey.

I am going to try and log in while away, but that might be ambitious :)

Happy Thanksgiving!


gmcountrymama said...

Hope you have a great holiday. We went to my BIL's house this year so my husband and him could hunt. I would much rather have it at home, as now we now have NO LEFTOVERS!

Mother Jones RN said...

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.