Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Day from Heck

Ok ... so something was off in my universe yesterday! It was our instructor's birthday over the weekend and my carpooling friend and I decided it would be wise to remember and bake. I got to her house with the cupcakes and when I got in her car she asked where my "clinical bag" was ... un ... huh? ... oh ... whoops! I had managed to get into the correct uniform (except I was wearing my work shoes not my school shoes - but no biggie) but forgot any other thing. Think drug book, stethoscope, scissors, kellys, pen, pocket pal with door codes, etc, hmmmmm ... guess I am still tired from the trip!

We got to clinical and I went to the bathroom and began laughing - I had just pulled a pair of undies out that were white that morning not noticing that they were MATERNITY underwear. This is additionally funny because I am doing my maternity rotation right now. It was not funny because I now had underpants up to my armpits - think how big twin maternity underpants get ;o)

Ok ... uneventful night on the floor. Nice patient, good co-assigned, no biggie. Get back to her house and start to go home and my engine light goes on ... argh!

Presentation tomorrow - not done :(
Teaching tonight CBE - not ready :(
Sociology or Micro posting for online classes - not done :(
Taking car in for repair before school starts tomorrow - :( What's this gonna do to my overstretched budget!

Anyone else having a heck of a week?

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Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

The idea of wearing maternity panties to work just cracks me up! One day you will be able to look back over nursing school and laugh too!