Monday, November 20, 2006


Okay ... so I am home from work at the hospital. An early night tonight ;)

I am really excited as this is a whole week off from school! My online Micro class is also on a week hiatus so I am psyched! Our family is traveling out of town to Delaware over the long holiday weekend to see my family. Ever spent 8 hours in a car with 2 three-year-olds? :) It is very fun! Thank goodness for portable DVD players.

I have my first evaluation after my orientation period tomorrow afternoon at the hospital. I feel like I am doing pretty good - learning something new every shift but keeping up with what I know. I am curious to see if management agrees :)

I also am certified to teach childbirth education and I am currently teaching a 6+1 series on Tuesday nights at the hospital. I love doing this ... it is such a wonderful time for the people in the class. I love being in on such a good thing vicariously :)

I am tired for tonight :) Thanks John for the shout out :) I have been lurking for a long time and it feels good to just be writing it down. We have something else in common. I had gastric bypass on 4/3/01 at a top weight of 453#. I am struggling with my weight right now - trying to up my exercise. I would not recommend having twins after a gastric bypass :) All kinds of things get stretched out of shape. My husband and I are trying to decide on any more kids ... if that answer is no I am going to look into a tummy tuck ...

Paper due tomorrow ... not done :( Have to digitally drop it by midnight tomorrow. Ugh!


jamesreeves1978 said...

Please don't remind me about Mico, yuck! I didn't exactly enjoy that class. On the kids in the car issue, I once spent 14 hours(x2) in a car with my 1yr old and 3yr old (both boys). We drove from Houston to El Paso and then back again. Yes, thank God for dvd players. Good luck on your paper.

Mama Mia said...

Yes, I've traveled with 3 yo twins. It is not fun.

We once spent 10 hours in the Toronto airport with all 5 kids (the twins were 4) and a set of grumpy grandparents. Never again.

Welcome (back) to the blogosphere.

Lorena said...

Hey! I had Micro today and got a test back - yikes! I don't know how you do Micro online. As for the kids, I once had to do a solo trip with the four kids (7,5,3,1) with a BROKEN DVD player. I discovered the player was broken hour 3 into an 8 hour car trip. Wanted to cry. Enjoy the holiday.